Let’s make Noblesville better.

Like many of you, I enjoy living here but have always thought we could hold ourselves to a higher standard. The thing is, we talk about higher standards, but we don’t always act on that talk.

For instance:

 WE SAY we want to maintain and build a walkable community, yet almost all of our transportation expenditures are for streets and roads, which build a drivable community.

 WE SAY we want to connect our trails yet the few we have built in the last 10 years don’t connect to anything.

 WE SAY we want to preserve our historic architecture yet we continue to bulldoze historic homes.

 WE SAY we want to improve our downtown courthouse square yet until recently we’ve seen very little investment there.

 WE SAY we want to encourage affordable housing yet virtually all the housing that’s been built here in the last few years is out of reach to those just starting out.

 WE SAY we want diverse housing, but we keep building the same subdivisions we’ve been building for years.

This site is about holding ourselves accountable to our professed ideals.

This isn’t just a big complaint. If I criticize an idea, I will try to offer a better suggestion. If I don’t have one I will solicit one from you or encourage our elected officials to keep trying until we find something better.

We are seeing some progress. Federal Hill Commons is a long-awaited downtown improvement and the Riverwalk project is finally happening. Those are good projects and I encourage them to continue. But they are just the beginning, and we have to accelerate and improve that effort to make our downtown achieve its potential.

This site is not meant to be comprehensive. It only addresses those projects that I think need immediate attention and I tend to focus on Old Town. I think it’s the heart and soul of Noblesville. It’s what distinguishes us from other communities yet it gets scant attention.

So please look around and see if there’s something that appeals to you here. If there is, please contribute, either by posting or by getting involved.

The future of our community is being decided now.  Let’s make sure we’re being the best we can be.